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How to Use Find My Study to Apply to Study in New Zealand.

Find My Study is here to help you plan your study and stay in New Zealand. Find My Study is the perfect tool to help you find perfect course and help you connect with the New Zealand Tertiary institutions all in one place.





Search for the perfect tertiary course using Find My Study’s Course and Institute Search.

Let the Institutes know you want to study with them – Complete Expression of Interest Form.

Get reply from Institute and decide if you would like to study there – have a look at Find My Study Institute pages to make it easier!

Start the formal application process directly with the Institute.


Using Find My Study is very easy. First, you use Find My Study to search for your perfect course and institute.

You can use Course, Institute and All Search on Find My Study homepage. Just type in the Search Keyword, select Course to search for courses, Institute to search for Institutes or All to search in both and Click Search.

You will be presented with all relevant results that match your Search criteria.


Once you found the course you like, you can let the institute know by using Find My Study’s Expression of Interest (EOI) process – simply click on Express Interest button to apply.

You will be taken to Expression of Interest Screen where you will be guided through Application Form step by step.

To ensure the Expression of Interest form is accurate and complete, you will need to provide documentation required for New Zealand Student Visa application as well as Course Application. The Details you will need to provide may include, but are not limited to:

  • PhotoID
  • Date of Birth
  • Expected Course Start Date
  • Passport Details (passport number and Nationality)
  • Visa details
  • Language and Fluency (including English certifications)
  • Your CV (resume)
  • Criminal Convictions information
  • Your Medical Information, including Chest X-rays
  • Your financial documentation to show how you will pay for your course in New Zealand
  • Your Address details
  • Your education details, including transcripts and certificates

Please note: Expressing Interest in Course through Find My Study DOES NOT mean you have applied for the course.


Once your Find My Study Expression of Interest (EOI) is complete, institute will receive the notification to review your EOI. Institute can then accept your Expression of Interest, Decline it, Ignore it or Refer you to a different Institute. Institute has to review your application within 48 hours and you will be notified via Find My Study regarding any progress.

You can track the progress of your Expression of Interest using your Dashboard – just click on My Expressions of Interest on the right hand side of your Dashboard to see information about all of your Expressions Of Interest.

It is also a good idea to check your emails regularly as you will be receiving email alerts.

If your Expression Of Interest was accepted:

If Institute has accepted your Expression of Interest, you can apply for the chosen course directly to the Institute.

If your Expression of Interest was declined:

Don’t worry! If your Expression of Interest has been declined, Find My Study will offer you similar courses in different Institutes you can Express your Interest in.

If your Expression of Interest was ignored:

Once again, nothing to worry about. Find My Study will offer alternatives that we believe would be interesting to you.

If you have been referred to a different Institute:

The institute of your choice might have decided that they are not the best option for you based on the information you provided in your Expression of Interest. If that is the case and the Institute has referred you to a different institution you will get notified and the second institute will review your Expression of Interest and will get back to you within 48 hours.


If your Expression of Interest was accepted you can now apply for the course directly to Institute.

If you have been referred to another institute – wait for the to come back to you with a response. Keep an eye on your emails and check the progress using your Dashboard.

You can Express Interest in as many courses as you like to explore your options – submitting an Expression of Interest does not mean you have applied for the course and there are no obligations to apply if your Expression of Interest was accepted.

You will also need to make sure you have correct visa before coming to New Zealand – check with the Institute directly when applying to find out what is the best option for you.